Saturday, April 03, 2010

Its tough!!!

Engineering is tough, I mean really tough in the second year level, if you consider yourself to be in the hardest branch possible and to be in a Jewish college ruled by Nazis. The latter was a little exaggerated but I guess it fits my college. When you can have classes and exams on Sunday, quizzes any moment and your constant job is to write the records of not one, not two, but three labs, then you know how much is the cost of poison and at what height your hostel building stands.

Anyway the point I am hating my college is not because of all the burden its giving me but because it doesn't provide me with a net connection, neither a slow one in which I cna write blogs nor a fast one in which I can watch IPL on youtube. So I find myself sitting in the morning in some Cyber Cafe instead of a coffee cafe typing away.

Will try to be more regular.

Second thoughts: whats up with all the spam comments??? Anyone knows how to stop them...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The ugly truth

Exams are over…just kind of waiting for the labs to finish off so that we can run to our homes and forget about how we spent the last 5 months in agony and pain and all such synonyms that one experiences in a semester of his/her engineering life. But as you wait and realize you are missing home badly, you experience exactly the opposite when you get to home; you miss college.

this dilemma has been experienced by I guess all of us in at least one stage. In school, in college or in profession. But it spans over a wider range than that. When you get to college you miss school, when you get a job you miss college and the journey continues. Has any of you ever sat down and thought why this happens. I decided and I came up this answer.

The whole problem lies with the fact that we don't know the future, yet being certain of the past we tend to visualize the good moments that we have gone by and forget all the good moments that we can come up with in the future. (I can’t believe I formed the previous sentence on my own. Wow Baby!!!) What I basically mean to say is, let go of the past. We do what we have to do so that we can do what we want to do.


Second thoughts: Can’t believe I wrote the shit stuff above.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Windows Writer

I was trying out the new windows 7 live add ins among which is the windows writer. A good thing to use to write your blog is all I can say about it. But windows would have to come up with more features than that if it wants to take a fight on Google. Bing is hardly ever used by anyone I can say and so it was a good strategy to support Blogger in Writer.

I wont go bragging about its features mainly because of two reasons

1. It is basically Outlook new mail window with little touch ups.( That is what I felt)

2. There’s already a lot of other people shouting out about it.


I think I have better things to do than shout about some Microsoft app. Like writing this blog using Writer….

Friday, January 01, 2010

New year's resolution

Its high time for the new year resolutions to be decided and put to action. My first new year resolution would be make to this thing where I write not so regularly to be decent enough to be called a blog. Its been months since my last post and perhaps even longer since someone read any of my posts. (Although I don't know how my post on Mr. Obama got so many comments and that too in Chinese. Obviously I can't read Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin), so any of you if can decipher the mystery please tell me. I think it's spam. Whatever!)

My next step would be t give time to my family. It's been a year since I met them. I have been out of business trips while my wife stays alone at home doing the house chores. Don't worry I was just wondering how my posts will be once I get married.

My second new year resolutions would be to stop making new year resolutions from next year onwards. Enough of this craziness. Make a rule and live by it. Having said that, I wait eagerly to find how the year turns out for me.